23 July 2013

New Tiny Ex Libris Stamps

I've just listed a new tiny ex libris stamp in my Etsy Shop. They are 1 1/2 inches. 

I've been making book stamps for years, but my books remained unmarked. No longer! 

10 July 2013

Made in KC Stamp

This week I got a request to carve a stamp for LocalStart.Org, a project for promoting local Kansas City business and products. 

06 July 2013

New Packaging

I'm re-designing my seed face packaging, but can't decide exactly how I want it. Which do you prefer?

05 July 2013

Class Projects: Pulp Painting

This week my Papermaking class at KCAI experimented with pulp paintings. Pulp painting is using paper and pulp to create artistic compositions. We used a combination of layering sheets, applying pulp with squirt bottles, and embossing with objects. 

02 July 2013

Sculptural Techniques

This week at the KCAI Papermaking class, I taught techniques for making paper sculptural; pulp casting, laminate casting, and using overbeaten pulps over an wire armature. 

01 July 2013

Animal Stamps

I was asked to create some stamps for Kids Jazoo, a benefit for the Kansas City Zoo. These will be used as passport stamps, as kids move from one activity to the next. They are all between 1 and 2 inches.