18 June 2013

Vegetable Papyrus

I'm currently teaching a 6 week Papermaking class for adults through the Kansas City Art Institute. I have 6 wonderfully interested students!

We experimented last week with vegetable papyrus. We par-boiled zucchini, yellow squash, carrots and onions for about 5 minutes, then sliced on the thinnest setting on a fancy mandolin. Then we laid the slices out onto some dirty pellons and lots of felts/towels,  and pressed them in the hydraulic press, slowly adding more pressure. We exchanged the wet towels dry ones, and pressed again, about 5 times. By the end, they were super flat, and just slightly damp. We left them on to dry flat on the pelons. In a couple of days, this was the result!

The pieces are very translucent and delicate. I have a feeling they will loose their color over time, and become more brittle. But for now, how stunning!

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