21 April 2013

Fine Prints & Paper KC

This weekend, I participated in a new event: Fine Prints & Paper KC Expo. Imagine a room full of the best local printmakers, print shops, bookbinders and me, the local papermaker. Heaven. I did a demonstration of papermaking, and sold a lot of papers!

10 April 2013

Paper Sample Set

I've just gotten done cutting and labeling the papers for my new sample sets. These guys contain between 10 and 12 samples of my most standard papers. Each are labeled with the paper name, its composition and weight. These sets are designed for artists and printmakers to have on hand, to reference when they are looking for a specific paper. Available for $5 on My Etsy, or for free when you purchase 2 or more paper packs and ask for one. 

01 April 2013

Quote Print

Especially for the Zeleny Craft fair, which celebrated sustainability and all things "green," I created this typographical poster. It reads "Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without." This quote was used on propaganda posters during the world wars to encourage people to do with less. Its just as relevant today, as our resources are shrinking. Its a two-color linoleum block, hand carved and hand-printed on recycled chipboard. Now available on my Etsy Shop, in a variety of color-ways.