22 January 2013

LOLA Valentine's Event

Great News! I've beeninvided to participate in the Ladies of Lawrence Artwork  Valentine's sale! It'll be Feburary 9th, from 10am to 4pm at Pachamama's in Lawrence. More info from LOLA blog.
See you there! 

01 January 2013

Standard Stamp Options

Based on feedback from my previous standard stamp options, I've added a whole new page! Plus, I cleaned up the old ones.

The most popular by far is the cute owl. I've probably carved that one about a dozen times. I actually drew if for a client who rejected it, and sent me some clipart instead. The second most popular is the Circle design, which is based on some math theorem. Anyone know specifically? I've also carved the brontosaurus a couple of times, as well as all of the florals and books. 
Although no one's picked them yet, I'm pretty excited about the Woman of Willendorf, Lichtenstein, and the Mona Lisa. I had to get some Art History in there!
I'm planning on adding another sheet in the coming months, so please let me know your suggestions!