01 November 2013

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24 October 2013

Kozo Paper

I just finished a batch of 100% kozo paper. It's tan with a silvery surface, and lovely, feathery deckles. 

17 October 2013

Update: Quilter's Paper

Quilter's paper, in all 5 colors, done! Each sheet has all kids of neat strings in different colors. 

At the end, I mixed all of the leftovers together to make some multi-colored sheets. 

After I get it sorted and packaged, it'll be for sale on my Etsy!

10 September 2013

Quilters Paper

My sister is an avid quilter, so she saves her tiny, 100% cotton scraps for me to make paper from. First, I sort the scraps by colour family, then wash without soap several times, to remove starches and whatnot that could affect the ph of the paper. After they've dried, I shred them into less then 1 inch bits with a rotary cutter. 

Today, I worked on the orange/red/pink scraps. After a year of saving, I had about 1 pound, to which I added a bit of leftover pulp from an old bedsheet, and 1 sheet of abaca linters, for strength. 

When the mix first went in to the beater, it was white, with specks of bright red and orange. As the patterned bits became smaller and smaller, the color turned brighter and brighter pink!

 After about 3.5 hours in the beater, it was ready. I choose to leave it a bit un-homogenous, with lots of colored threads and small pieces of fabric. I added 1/2 tsp of yellow aqueous dispersed pigment, to turn it more of a orange than pink. 5TB sizing, and 3TB calcium carbonate added. 

Forty sheets pulled today on my 11x14 molds, triple exchange pressed, and hanging restraint drying. Images when dry!

04 August 2013

Seed Bombs!

Colourful, marble sized, wildflower seed bombs are available exclusively at Essential Goods in Lawrence, Kansas.

23 July 2013

New Tiny Ex Libris Stamps

I've just listed a new tiny ex libris stamp in my Etsy Shop. They are 1 1/2 inches. 

I've been making book stamps for years, but my books remained unmarked. No longer!