15 September 2012

New Pellon

A new bolt of pellon arrived in the mail today! I quickly cut it up, washed it, and used it for a batch of white cotton paper. I love how fresh pellon makes those first few batches so crisp and smooth.

Pellon is a synthetic stabilizer used by papermakers as felts between sheets. I use pellon number 65, which is smooth, non-fusible, and extra stiff. Its more expensive, but when I hang the spurs to dry, the sheets turn out perfectly flat, not curled as with thinner interfacings. 

I use a quilter's cutting board and rotary cutter to cut my pellon to size. Each bolt makes about 65 sheets. 

01 September 2012

Paper Faces

These lightweight little guys are great for your art or crafts! Created by pressing recycled paper pulp into a doll parts mold. Faces are about an inch long and half and inch wide. 

Because they are paper, they can easily be glued to many surfaces. They can be painted, drawn on, sanded, and drilled.
Avaliable with tiny hands and feet, or without, here.