30 August 2012

20 August 2012

Quilting Fabric

My sister is an avid quilter, so she saves her tiny 100% cotton scraps for me to make paper from. First I sort the scraps by colour family. Then I stick them in separate fabric bags and wash without soap several times, since they have starches and whatnot that could affect the ph of the paper. After they've dried, I shred them into less then 1 inch bits with a rotary cutter. I'll post pictures of the rest of the process when I get to it!

15 August 2012

Korean Papermaking with Amiee Lee

I've travelled to Cleaveland, Ohio, to take a class at the Morgan Conservatory! They have the only Korean papermaking set-up in the US, and grow their own Kozo, which is awesome. The class was taught by Amiee Lee, who is an expert on Hanji (Korean paper) and allied crafts like paper basketry.