30 April 2012

New Wheat Papers

Half Wheat Straw. Wheat straw cooked in soda ash, beaten with abaca. A yellowish colour with fiber throughout, but smooth enough for writing.

Wheat Straw. Cooked in soda ash and beaten as is. Very rough and textured.

27 April 2012

Kozo Papers

Kozo. Cooked in soda ash and beaten for 20 minutes. Very smooth with surface sheen, fibers and specks of bark throughout.

Half Kozo. Cooked in soda ash, beaten with bamboo linters. Smooth, with a cotton-y surface feel, subtly fibers throughout.

21 April 2012

New Seed Postcards

Wildflower postcards are now orange. Seeds for LittleRagamuffin on Etsy.

Yellow Sunflower postcards with seeds from Moonlightmicrofarm. 
Sprouts are edible!

Traditional Green edible sprouting postcards. As always, seeds from MoonlightMicroFarm on Etsy.

14 April 2012

Kozo Paper

Today I made Kozo paper. Kozo is a traditional Japanese papermaking fiber also know as paper mulberry. First, I cooked the fiber in soda ash. Then I used my new rotary cutter and mat to trim the fiber into 3 inch pieces. From previous experience, I know that leaving fibers too long and throwing them in the hollander will result in fibery dreadlocks and overbeaten but uneven pulp. Problem solved! I only had to beat it in the hollander for about 20 minutes because it is such a delicate fiber. I also could have beaten it by hand, with a mallet or bat.

07 April 2012

Seeded Postcards

Spend today making a new batch of seeded postcards. Green cards with edible sprouting seeds, yellow with sunflower seeds, and orange with wildflower seeds. More images soon!

03 April 2012

New apparatus!

To go along with my new molds, my dad also make a device that sits on the corner of my vat and allows a mold to sit on it and drain into the vat. I believe this sort of thing is traditionally called a bridge or a horn. I think mine looks like something out of a spa! It keeps my table space free and keeps more water in the vat.

01 April 2012

New Molds

My dad just finished building a new set of molds for me! It is a set of two molds and one deckle that fit perfectly, with fancy joints. This way, one is always draining while I'm forming and couching. Its not quite twice as fast, but it sure speeds things up!