31 October 2011


The Lawrence ArtWalk was great! 
Thanks to everyone who came to visit or to purchase my wares!

My parent's garage, lookin' great.

On sunday I made prints on demand.
My new friend Bert, a papermaker from Independence!
She saved fruit stems for two years and made paper out of them.

25 October 2011

New Zine!

A 5.5x5.5inch book with 16 pages. Photocopied photographs and illustrations onto recycled paper. It covers cutting linoleum blocks, collagraph and styrofoam printing.

Buy it Here!

24 October 2011

New papers are packaged and priced.

Check out my new packaging!

21 October 2011

20 October 2011

Lawrence Art Walk

I'm gearing up for the Lawrence Art Walk next weekend!

On Saturday, October 29th, I'll be giving papermaking demonstrations from from noon to 3. 
While the pulp lasts, you can make a few sheets if you'd like!

On Sunday, October 30, I'll be demonstrating block printings from noon to 3.

Both days, I'll have a shop set up where you can see and buy all of my paper products. 

See you there! At 1946 Louisiana.

19 October 2011


Today I put some freshly cooked Flax in my beater. 
It looks very promising!

18 October 2011

Cooking Flax

Cooking fiber for the first time! After much searching, I ended up getting a Bayou Classic turkey fryer burner and stainless steel pot designed for home brewing. Plus the propane tank, it was about $150.
Not bad, considering that now I can make paper out of pretty much any plant, including things that I can harvest locally. 

15 October 2011

New Papers on Etsy

I've been sorting, packaging, scanning and listing today. Take a look!

Abaca Cream.
Smooth, offwhite.

Abaca Tan.
Tan, with visible fibers. 

Denim Jeans.
Soft & blue with visible fibers. 

 Cotton Bedsheet.
Super soft & bright white.

All of these papers are available in 5 packs on my Etsy!

09 October 2011

A Lovely Day for Papermaking!

There was a lot of debris falling from the trees today and blowing about, so I rigged up a cover for my beater to keep the pulp nice and white. 

We just finished making this stand for my hydraulic press. Its on wheels, so that I can more it outside or toward a drain for pressing, then store it out of the way. It also has storage racks on the bottom for the press boards.

I set up my tripod and got some cool actions shots!
I've got papermakers arms!

04 October 2011


My new boss commissioned me to make an embroidered and beaded piece for her friend's birthday. I decided to do it on paper backed with muslin. She wanted it to be oxygen themed, so i incorporated the O as oxygen's elemental letter, but it also represents a soap bubble and may be reminiscent of a cloud.

I can make one for you too!.
Contact me at Kpike@KCAI.edu

01 October 2011

Papermaking Zine

My first Zine has gotten a bit of buzz. Its going to be in the The Paper Airplanes Zine Library in Springfield. 
Buy it Here!
Or buy $20 worth of merchandise and mention it, and I'll throw it in for free!