20 September 2011

Seeded Postcards

I finally got some decent pictures of my seeded postcards. 

I think seeded postcards are a great way to send a little something to someone far away.
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17 September 2011

Plaza Art Fair

This year, KCAI Continuing and Professional Studies is in charge of the Plaza Art Fair Kid Zone activity tent! They decided to do two printmaking activities. They asked me to prepare by carving linoleum blocks of city buildings. I decided that it would be nice to do all plaza buildings!

Here's what I have so far.

To make one, I start by resizing and printing a picture I've taken of the building. I trace the important lines in pencil. Then I flip the picture over onto the rubber and rub the back. This transfers the pencil perfectly. 

 Next I carve around the outside of the building, then cut it out with an exacto. Next I carve all the interior lines, including textures. 

Then I like to proof it, to decide which areas to take out. 

I decided to remove the spaces in the windows for some large white spaces. 

15 September 2011

09 September 2011

Paper Sculpture

I was contracted by KCAI to create a tablescape for the Harvest Ball Adorn Style Show. I didn't immediately have any ideas, so I asked Adri Luna for help. I knew she'd have great ideas!

We used pale yellow overbeaten abaca to laminate over the tops of pumpkins to create the flower shapes.  

Adri single handedly created the ruffled bottom out of fluffy cotton paper. 

I also created ten sketchbooks in a similar style as gifts for the people sitting at this table. 

03 September 2011

Paper Bowls

I've been wanting to make for awhile some decorative paper bowls. I made sheets in this nice dark grey, then pressed them lightly. I then tore them into bits and pressed them onto my set of Ikea nesting bowls. After covering the whole thing in two layers, I pressed all areas hard with a towel to maximize cohesion, smoothness and to make it dry faster. Voila!

I think they would look neat holding nuts or small collections!
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