25 August 2011

My Critter!

Today I beat the first load in my new 3.5 lb Mark Lander Critter!
Three pounds of bleached Abaca.


20 August 2011

Gladstone Craft Fair

I spent today at a craft fair at the Gladstone Community Center.

It was a bit sad and mismanaged.
But Jaclyn Co was there! 
We've chatted on Etsy before, but it was great to meet her in person. 
She makes these amazing Saltine match-books!
Check out her Etsy!

My Critter!

Finally, my Hollander beater has arrived!
My Dad and I quickly put it together.

Thank you Mark Lander, it's beautiful!

17 August 2011


I just finished this 24-page zine about papermaking. It has photos, hand-drawn illustrations and very clear instructions for making paper yourself. As soon as I get some quality photos, they will be for sale, cheap, on my Etsy. 

11 August 2011

Paper Circle

The next day we drove to Nelsonville to see Paper Circle.
The website and answering machine messages assured me that there would be art on the walls and the store would be open, but when we pulled up the walls were empty and the sign said closed. Luckily, the front door was wide open. We chatted for a while with the interns, who were nice, but not very knowledgeable about the paper-making process. The shop's speciality is large, thin sheets for origami artists. Eventually, the owned arrived, and was quite rude. Oh well.

10 August 2011

Morgan Conservatory

My sister recently moved to Akron, so I went to visit for a few days. I figured while I was there, we might as well see the papermaking sights! First we went to the Morgan Conservatory. It's in this great industrial building. 
They have several hollanders, all the necessary vats for western and eastern sheet formation, a vacuum table and several hydraulic presses. They also have a great collection of letterpresses and type. Best of all, they grow their own Kozo! They are one of only two American paper places growing it.
The people there were very pleasant and they had an on-site shop for exotic and handmade papers. 
I give it five stars!