30 May 2011

The Making of Seeded Postcards

Today I set up a make-shift paper studio at in my parent's carport. 

I made seeded postcards with seeds from Moonlight Micro Farm.

After couching one sheet of green paper, I use a sifter to evenly spread the seeds across the surface. 

Then I couch another sheet on top, to sandwich in the seeds, and use these sprout forms to create embossments. I cut the forms out of cheap foam sheets. 

Then I use this handy press my dad built for me. When working with seeds, you don't want to use a hydraulic press; too much force will crush the seeds and they will not sprout. 
After the paper dries, all I have to do is cut the cards out. Ready to send!

To grow soak in water for an hour, then place on top of soil, outside or in a pot. Within five days, you should have a little crop of sprouts to eat. 

These cards are available on my Etsy!

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