08 May 2011

As you may or may not know, I am a senior at the Kansas City Art Institute. I have been using the papermaking studio there for two years, and have fallen in love with the process. In a week, I will graduate, and my access to the studio will end. Because of this I have been collecting papermaking supplies of my own. I have vats, molds & deckles, felts. What I really need to make high-quality, sellable paper is a hollander beater.

A Hollander beater grinds fibers between rotating metal plates, making paper that is smoother and stronger than pulp prepared in a blender. Also, blenders are only sufficient for recycling papers or using linters, but a Hollander beater can also process plant fibers and cloth.

The beater I have chosen is the Little Critter made by Mark Lander. It costs about $2000, which is astronomically cheap for a beater. He has a vision to provide affordable beaters to papermakers all over the world!

You can help me by making a donation. If you donate $20 or more, and I am able to buy the beater, I will send you some paper gifts!

Watch it in action!

Thank you!

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