28 April 2011

New paper sculptures by Autumn Randell.

Autumn Randell came into the studio today to laminate paper onto these wire forms. I think they turned out really well. I'm excited to see how she will display them!

23 April 2011

The craft fair in Independence was today. It went as planned, except there didn't seem to be very many people there. It was a good trial run in setting up my booth though!

Seed bombs by the dozen were a bit hit!

Books and silly sculptures.

My dad built these awesome shelves for my paper packs.

Notice the cute bunting? I need to figure out a way to have it hand above the table. Only toddlers noticed it down there!

See you next week in Lawrence!

22 April 2011

Next weekend I'll be in Lawrence, Kansas at Art in the Park!
Its always a blast, with live music, street performers, fair food and, of course, some great art. Well worth the drive from KC!

21 April 2011

I'm getting all ready for the craft fair! I've wrapped and labeled all of my paper packs. Look how tall this stack is!

19 April 2011

Birthday Cards!

I printed these new three colour "Happy Birthday" cards. They have cute bubble letters that overlap, and balloons. A close up soon!

09 April 2011

I've been letting my Etsy slide a bit because I'm gearing up for my first real-live craft fair! Its at the Rodger T Sermon Center, at the intersection of Noland and Truman road in Independence, Missouri. Its from 10am to 2pm. 
If you're in the area, you should check it out!

01 April 2011

I finally finished pulling the warn colours of my rainbow. Here are the warm and cool colours in a huge stack, and spread out in a huge rainbow. I'll be packaging these up into multi-coloured paper packs, ranging five sheets to twenty.