25 March 2011

Seeded Postcards

I'm working on postcards that are imprinted with a sprout motif, and contain organic sprouting seeds! I'm still working the kinks out, but heres a test one growing.

18 March 2011

This is what I accomplished over spring break! A hefty post! I pulled all of my cool coloured pulps, and a bunch of sheets that are white on one side and tan on the other. You'll see those later!

Also, I tried something new. I cut muslin into small bits, and put them in the hollander beater for a few hours. It made paper that is soft and very strong. It'a a lot like cotton printmaking papers, so I think it will be great for printmaking!

17 March 2011

Here are the cool coloured sheets pulled, pressed, dried, and sorted.
I love this rainbow!

14 March 2011

Spring Break!

My plan for spring break is to make a ton of paper in a ton of rainbow colours. Here are the cool coloured pulps pigmented, retained, rinsed and ready to go!

09 March 2011

I wet several of my seed balls to test their viability. 
They're sprouting! 

03 March 2011

Autumn has been working with me in the paper studio. She is interested in using paper as a sculptural medium. Look at her go!