10 February 2011

Custom Papercut

I recently created this Love Bunny papercut from my various coloured handmade papers. Sheets which have small imperfections making them unsellable are cut up for projects like this. 

Anyway, Laura on Etsy contacted me and wanted me to create a similar illustration to celebrate the recent engagement of a friend. Voila!
Notice the detail on the text and the birds holding the banner. I'm a real sucker for birds holding banners. 

The original is still for sale on my Etsy!
along with some other cute stuff!


  1. Stunning! So creative. And why should papers with small imperfections be unsellable?! Isn't that what handmade is all about? :)

  2. I tried really hard to find those imperfections you wrote about...no luck:-)
    I just love Bunnies (which is why I own five!)
    Very creative!!!