26 January 2011

If you are interested in learning basic papermaking and bookbinding, you should sign up for Make Your Own Sketchbook, a class I'm teaching for KCAI at the Northland campus. The first day, we will make paper out of a variety of fibers. The next week, we will bind the paper into two different types of sketchbooks. Click the link for more details and to sign up.

It should be a great course, but if more people don't sign up soon, it will be cancelled!

25 January 2011


At the end of last semester, I had a large pile of sheets with small imperfections. I couldn't sell these sheets, but didn't want to recycle them. I decided to cut and assemble them into envelopes and cards. The 11x14 sheets cut perfectly into a small envelopes and a matching card. 
Several sets are for sale on my Etsy!

23 January 2011

Tomorrow is the first day back to classes, and the first day I can use the studio again!

07 January 2011

Paper Swap

I sent my papers off to California for the Etsy Papermakers Guild paper swap! After much indecision, I sent half sheets of my dryer lint paper, because it will certainly be something most people have never seen (or felt) before.

I'm excited to receive my package!
Thank you Elena Siff for your work arranging this exchange.

01 January 2011

I've been having dreams about papermaking. I can't wait to get back into the studio, no matter how cold it's going to be.