15 December 2010

For my final day in the papermaking studio this semester, I made a huge rainbow of coloured papers. The process I used is unique.
I divided my white recycled cotton pulp into six buckets, using aqueous dispersed pigments to colour the primary and secondary colours. I filled two vats on the table analogous colours. Between each sheet pulled, I moved a small bit of pulp of each colour to the other vat, slowly changing the colour, until both vats were the same colour. I repeated this process with every two colours.
The results are interesting. The different coloured pulps did not have much time to disperse, so there are some coloured clumps. Interestingly, the lumps appeared mostly on one side, and much less on the other. I'll have to do more research to see why this is. I'm guessing its because they are heavier and move quickly to the wire of the mold.

I'm imagining this paper would be stunning for cut paper illustrations, like Eric Carle or Helen MussleWhite.

I divided the batch into sets and am selling them on my Etsy!

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