12 November 2010

My Windgate Fellowship Proposal presentation is today!

I am proposing that, should I receive the money, 
I would use it to purchase the equipment necessary for a papermaking studio. 
Howard Clark 20 ton press

Dry Box

2lb Hydra Hollander with Stainless Steel Tub

With these materials, plus a few others, I would have a functioning paper studio. 
  • I could create my own paper products and art. 
  • I would provide a facility for other papermakers, as no facility exists locally. 
  • I would also invite collaboration with other artists. 
  • I would like to bring groups of people into my studio for workshops
  • I would take papermaking to after school programs, public schools, and women’s shelters. 
Hopefully, with a combination of paid services and product sales, the papermaking studio could be economically self-sustaining.

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