15 November 2010

Unfortunately, I did not recieve the Windgate fellowship money, so I will be taking donations.

12 November 2010

My Windgate Fellowship Proposal presentation is today!

I am proposing that, should I receive the money, 
I would use it to purchase the equipment necessary for a papermaking studio. 
Howard Clark 20 ton press

Dry Box

2lb Hydra Hollander with Stainless Steel Tub

With these materials, plus a few others, I would have a functioning paper studio. 
  • I could create my own paper products and art. 
  • I would provide a facility for other papermakers, as no facility exists locally. 
  • I would also invite collaboration with other artists. 
  • I would like to bring groups of people into my studio for workshops
  • I would take papermaking to after school programs, public schools, and women’s shelters. 
Hopefully, with a combination of paid services and product sales, the papermaking studio could be economically self-sustaining.

10 November 2010

Black Paper!

Making paper that is absolutely black is impossible with just pigments, so instead I got some black cotton fabric, cut it into bits, and put it in the beater. It took about two hours for it to get processed down to just threads, then about three more hours into a fine, even pulp. The sheets are drying now, I'll let you know how they turn out.

 The white cloudy stuff is sizing, which reduces feathering of wet media on the finished sheet. 

 Thin sheets on the mold looked like lace. 
The Etsy Papermaker's Guild is organizing a paper swap for January.
If you would like to participate, sign the databank on the Yahoo group.

Yahoo Group

The work of Mary Elen Mark, Guild coordinator

07 November 2010

These are images of a class that Maddie Llody and I planned at the South East Community Center. Students from the art institute were eager learners. At the first class, they made paper, and at the second class, the bound their paper into books. 

06 November 2010

check out these super thin sheets with recycled inclusions. 
Now available from my Etsy shop

Also recently available, Dryer lint paper.
Yes, made from 100% dryer lint.

05 November 2010

Today I made my First Etsy Sale!
Jennifer from Virginia bought 10 sheets of recycled white paper!

02 November 2010

These are images of a five-day Papercrafts class I taught this summer at the KCAI Northland Campus.
1. basic papermaking
2. recycled papermaking
3. paper casting over wire and plastic forms 
4. roll beads & origami
5. book binding

01 November 2010

 This is a collaboration with Sami Freese. She has been making  these house drawings. Recently, she started giving them coloured backgrounds.  I told her about how we could achieve a similar technique in papermaking. The result is a series of paper pieces of houses silhouetted against dramatic skies.

Sami's recent work