08 October 2010

This hefty stack of paper is what I have been working on for the past three weeks. There's a lot of good stuff in here. Four different colours of recycled print papers, two colours of recycled waste paper and an experimental dryer lint paper.

I am interested in sustainable paper craft, and uniquely recycled papers. 

To create recycled print papers, I collect scraps from printmakers. I cut them into tiny, confetti like pieces. I then soak them in calcium carbonate for a week, to increase archivability. I then put them in the hollander beater for about three hours. Halfway through, I unload and reload the beater to dislodge bits that have gotten stuck in the machinery, and allow them to float around and get beaten. There is no need to add additional sizing, as print papers naturally contain a lot of it. In some cases the sizing bubbles up in the hollander, its quite cute. 

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