11 October 2010

Jennie Frederick!

I had the delightful opportunity to visit Jennie Frederick's studio this weekend. Jennie is a major papermaking force in the Kansas City metro area. After graduating from the Kansas City Art Institute in the 70s, she studied with Twinrocker, a major studio and now supplier. She then returned to teach papermaking at KCAI, then at Metropolitan Community College. For years, she ran a paper studio in Kansas City, where she collaborated with artists and writers, even Hallmark commissioned her for a line of cards. A few years ago she moved out to her family's land and build herself a home and studio. Needless to say, Jennie is a papermaking expert, but she is also a very sweet and giving woman.

view of her studio from the third level 

Jennie shares her paper collection
this is a carrot paper, I believe it was made by Bernard Toale

A few objects of interest from her research travels in central and south America

Jennie's cute portable press

her recent work, above her couch

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