06 October 2010


I am a senior at the Kansas City Art Institute, majoring in Printmaking and Art History. A couple years ago, I took a class with fiber instructor Tracy Krumm called "Materials and Methods." This class gave an introductory lesson in hand papermaking, and I was hooked. The next semester, I completed an independent study, researching ways to interconnect paper and print, and practicing my craft. This year, I an the studio technician. This allows me to have my own studio space within the papermaking studio. I am also responsible for making improvements to the studio, and helping students to use the studio. As part of my studio practice, I now work with other students to teach them how to make paper, and to help them with specific paper projects, like pulp paintings or sculptures. I also make custom papers for print editions and other applications. 

I am a Paper Evangelist. 

I love paper and I want other people to love it too. 

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